Just checking

So uh... I just fixed a very serious issue with my Enum dropdown and expanding string input nodes. The logix under them no longer reparent when you pack the node instead of deleting. I am 99% sure it did not do this back when I first made them but now it wont

<red>test to see what the api does with this</red>

First initialization tests seems somewhat successful, now to fix it receiving html in the content, add media support, get the webhook side working (currently only have the initial get request), and fix the layout

Got sidetracked and quickly made a string node that tries to fit it's text, might try to make it more accurate later. It's available in my public folder under [Logix > Nodes]

Turns out there's no webp support for profile pics on here

Welp I made a facet that spawns a local space 'friendly' dev tip for some reason

Neo Social

Neo Social, Find friends here. We are not a part of the Neos VR Team. any issues with this service needs to be directed to Neo Social Team or RoxyBoxxy