This Tool also feature's @3x1t_5tyl3's gizmo clear, bound to Holding Grab and Menu at the same time and swiping in the air.

I Hope that anyone gets good use out of this tool! as with all my stuff, feel free to take it apart, reporpuse it, or more! just make sure to credit me.

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Finally ready to release my own multi-tool, cause we don't have enough of those already, right? (somebody laugh. please.)

the core feature of this one is it's round tool switching menu. to access that, you double press the context menu button. a menu will open, in front of the tool.

pulling the trigger will go to a second page, while pressing secondary will go back a page.

to switch to a tool, swipe the tool all the way out of the circle in the direction of that tool.

additional feature 👇👇

New Release! a kanban! feel free to take apart, restyle, reuse, etc. find it in my public folder!

also has a (relativly simple) structure, so people can make importers of other list and card shaped data! i hear sirkitree is already working on a github data project 👀

also, 10 points to trello for have a really good API, not that i'm promising anything to do with trello right now....

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how all great projects start: by ripping and tearing apart previous projects.

so i guess this is a sneak peak into my next project, eh?

“Polkit now depends on Rust”:

Specifically, Polkit depends on mozjs, which now depends on Rust.

The introduction of #Rust at the core of free desktops has important implications on portability, #bootstrapping, and overall system complexity. These issues seem to be often overlooked.

got a new tool for y'all :D

introducing the tutorial browser!

get all the neos tutorials you could ever dream of, in game, in a easy to use panel.

also has related videos!
read the description!
search for stuff!

powered by a small web server, source available here:

as usual, find it in my public folder.

mastodon drama 

'anyone can like or boost, but don't reply if you're not <minority>'

That just seems like racism with extra steps


That's just discrimination, just the opposite of what normally is discrimination

Random insight of the night: every couple years, someone stands up and bemoans the fact that programming is still primarily done through the medium of text. And surely with all the power of modern graphical systems there must be a better way. But consider:

* the most powerful tool we have as humans for handling abstract concepts is language
* our brains have several hundred millenia of optimizations for processing language
* we have about 5 millenia of experimenting with ways to represent language outside our heads, using media (paper, parchment, clay, cave walls) that don't prejudice any particular form of representation at least in two dimensions
* the most wildly successful and enduring scheme we have stuck with over all that time is linear strings of symbols. Which is text.

So it is no great surprise that text is well adapted to our latest adventure in encoding and manipulating abstract concepts.

#UX #Abuse
"Abusability Test Your Product", a platform that tells you what potential harm or abuse can come out of some of the features you are building into your product.

Just finished up on a new object!

this time its a badge! this badge will show what voice mode you're in!

easily injected with epsilon's badge manager.

find it in my public folder, Alaskan share, in the directory or in game from me!

there are two major approaches to software reliability

approach 1 is to attempt to write your software such that it can never crash

approach 2 is to attempt to ensure that your software crashing does not cause negative effects

i prefer approach 2

did you know Images in toots can have description text attached to them? this is useful for screen readers!

you can also set where the preview of your image goes, instead of some face detecting algorithm trying its best.

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