Christmas is coming! In to the virtual world!

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Just finished up on a new object!

this time its a badge! this badge will show what voice mode you're in!

easily injected with epsilon's badge manager.

find it in my public folder, Alaskan share, in the directory or in game from me!

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Why every nodes and node link lines are mess after unpack logix root? 😵 I was create some object(I'll call it A) and more create another empty object and set to child of the A. And i did lastly create the packing root with empty object and packed.

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@LUA 혹시나 해서 ..... 이거 앱은 Tusky 라는거 쓰시면 되요. 다른거도 많긴한데, 공식앱은 없네용.

How to spawn compiled DLL plug-in on Neos VR? :neoscrash: I'm Application/CS/web programmer but plug-ins programming is first experiance. So i've not concept about it.

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Good news. I found out the reason my upload speed is so crap is my ISP gave me the wrong modem. It doesn't actually support the speed I am paying for.
They are sending me a new one and soon I will be able to host all the worlds at gigabit speeds. \o/

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Good news everyone! A new version of my tool is out!

"V. 2020.11.18.0"

! :tooltip: !

You can as per usual find in my Folder.

I also opened a GitHub for Requests/issues:

The famous tabs are in it!

Neo Social

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