I wasn't fair to the G2 and feel bad. I do want to say that the features they advertised are as advertised. It does have the best lenses, screen and speakers. And if you want to escape Facebook or upgrade from something like a vive then it's a good choice.

I received my HP Reverb G2. I used it for about 5 hours. When all factors are considered it is not any better then the Rift S. And since I personally find the Rift S more comfortable, the G2 will be going in my empty filing cabinet as a backup vr set.

Good news. I found out the reason my upload speed is so crap is my ISP gave me the wrong modem. It doesn't actually support the speed I am paying for.
They are sending me a new one and soon I will be able to host all the worlds at gigabit speeds. \o/

Decided to stay home from work today.

@June hope you get a new one soon :o will miss having you around.

Bored at work so I am checking this place out. Cool site @roxyboxxy

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